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Join Amanda, fellow writers and like-minded professionals during these monthly events.

See you then!

Author Co-working Sessions (1).png

Co-Working Author Session

April 17, 2024              $Free

Join fellow writers each month and dedicate an hour to your writing during this co-working session.


During this reoccurring event, dedicate the time you need to write your next book.

If you are having problems finding the right words, find inspiration by surrounding yourself with other authors or by jotting down what is on your mind. Whatever the reason, carve out this time for yourself and your craft.

At the start of the event, we will introduce ourselves, share what we are working on (if you choose to), and then we will all mute ourselves and begin writing. At the end of the meeting, our host will bring us back and we can share what we accomplished or say our farewells until next time.

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